Very cool, this is the Rundown of MXGP Samota and Sport Tourism 2023 issued by Carsten

Very cool, this is the Rundown of MXGP Samota and Sport Tourism 2023 issued by Carsten |The MXGP Samota World Series, Sumbawa Regency, will be held soon.Carsten officially issued an agenda, an agenda that was made in a structured or systematic manner in which there was an arrangement of activities that were limited by a certain duration.

Before entering and watching the main event which will start on 22-26 June 2023 tomorrow. Curious ?

For those of you who have prepared time to attend the event, it’s a good idea to understand the rundown of the event.

This can make it easier for you to listen to presentation after presentation, as well as find out in detail where the event is taking place.

There is a lot of excitement displayed in this activity. Various arts and culture will be presented creatively, from 22 to 26 June.

The Sumbawa MXGP Field Commander who is also Assistant II of the Sumbawa Regency Government, Lalu Suharmaji said, this event began with administrative control, verification, circuit control, to the opening ceremony which was followed by face-to-face meetings with the crossers and event management from activity EOs.

“Prior to the motocross event, visitors including activity cover including the perpetrators of the main activity crossers will be disciplined according to the stand.

The following is the schedule for the MXGP Series which will be held at the Rocket Samota International Circuit, Sumbawa Besar which will be held from 22 – 26 June 2023


Source: WAGs MXGP Samota 2023


West Nusa Tenggara has now won two rations for the first international cross series to be held by Sumbawa, specifically the Rocket Samota Circuit and MXGP Selaparang.The preparations for the infront committee and carsten are now starting to show.

For the first series it will be held June 22-26 in Sumbawa and followed again, July 1-2 2023 at the former Selaparang Lombok Airport. (Nkm)

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