MXGP Samota 2023 tickets pass 10,000, sold as of June 20

MXGP Samota 2023 tickets pass 10,000, sold as of June 20 | MXGP 2023 Organizer INFRONT ~ Carsten represented by Yulia revealed that currently more than 10,000 tickets have been sold to the public, both offline and online, which have been spread across all outlets and sales points to support the prestigious Sumbawa MXGP motor cross series.
which will be held in the near future,

“The number of tickets that have been sold and sold in the hands of our partners is more than ten thousand specifically for the first series MXGP Rocket Circuit which will be held from 22 to 26 June 2023 in Samota, Sumbawa Besar,” said Infront spokesperson Yulia to the media, Tuesday 20 June 2023

Tickets for the FIM MXGP 2023 World Championship are highly sought after by fans of the sport of iron horses while jumping and flying into the air.
Yulia is very proud of the enthusiasm of the audience in NTB, more and more outside NTB, for their enthusiasm in watching this series.

West Nusa Tenggara has now won two seats for the first MXGP series, MXGP Sumbawa at the Rocket Samota Circuit and MXGP Selaparang.
The preparations for the infront committee and carsten are now starting to show.
For the first series which will be held June 22 -26 in Sumbawa and followed again, July 1 – 2 2023 at the former Selaparang Lombok Airport,

Infront ~ Carsten, represented by Yulia when met by the media, Tuesday (20/6) explained the details of the preparations ahead of the 10th and 11th series in NTB while for the circuit conditions both in Sumbawa and Lombok according to the infront spokesperson, the readiness has reached around 85 percent.
ready to be filled with crossers of various countries as well as paddocks and stands as well as a media center for journalists.

“Until now, preparations that support the performance of the two series are really ready, the paddock, stands and others have reached 85 percent in Sumbawa as well as in Lombok, especially for spectators,” Yulia said by telephone.

Apart from the paddock, Yulia also explained about the current condition of the two circuits, both Lombok and Sumbawa, the physical condition of the circuit has reached 95 percent readiness.

“For the Samota rocket circuit, 95 percent according to Infront and Carsten qualifications, while Lombok has 85 percent according to the current situation,” he continued.

To note, the Rocket Samota Circuit which is in Sumbawa Besar has a total area of ​​20 hectares, and has been successfully utilized starting in 2022 for the MGXP event which was held successfully and smoothly infront. (Nkm)

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