Ahead of MXGP 2023, INFRONT and CARSTEN Declare Ready to Hold Two International Series in NTB

Ahead of MXGP 2023, INFRONT and CARSTEN Declare Ready to Hold Two International Series in NTB


West Nusa Tenggara has now won two seats for the first MXGP series, MXGP Sumbawa at the Rocket Samota Circuit and MXGP Selaparang.
The preparations for the infront committee and carsten are now starting to show.
For the first series which will be held June 22 -26 in Sumbawa and followed again, July 1 – 2 2023 at the former Selaparang Lombok Airport,

Infront party ~ Carsten represented Yulia when met by the media, Tuesday (20/6) explained the details of the preparations ahead of the 10th and 11th series in NTB while for circuit conditions both in Sumbawa and Lombok according to the infront spokesperson this has reached a readiness condition of around 85 percent
ready to be filled with crossers of various countries as well as paddocks and stands as well as a media center for journalists.

“Until now, preparations that support the performance of the two series are really ready, the paddock, stands and others have reached 85 percent in Sumbawa as well as in Lombok, especially for spectators,” Yulia said by telephone.

Apart from the paddock, Yulia also explained about the current condition of the two circuits, both Lombok and Sumbawa, the physical condition of the circuit has reached 95 percent readiness.

“For the Samota rocket circuit, 95 percent are in accordance with the qualifications

For the Samota rocket circuit, 95 percent according to the Infront and Carsten qualifications, while Lombok has 85 percent according to the current situation,” he continued.

To note, the Rocket Samota Circuit which is in Sumbawa Besar has a total area of ​​20 hectares, and has been successfully utilized starting in 2022 for the MGXP event which was held successfully and smoothly infront.

Initially this area was a corn field owned by residents, within two months the MXGP at that time succeeded in building a circuit based on the international MXGP Infront master grand design track.

The Samota Circuit has a track length of 1.8 kilometers with 18 corners and 11 obstacles.
The circuit, which has sandy soil conditions, has hilly contours so that it produces a very varied elevation naturally.

“We only built this circuit in a short time, namely 2 months, but thank God it was recognized as the most beautiful circuit in the world, and there were not too many modifications because the landscape and topography very much fulfilled the requirements as one of the MXGP circuits,” said Ridwansyah, his former co-coordinator.

The Governor of NTB, Dr. Zulkieflimansyah said that this circuit was in a permanent process according to the agreement between the host and the cooperation contract with the organizers for five years.

“This circuit is getting steady and slowly but surely it will become a world circuit that is increasingly popular with organizers and racers because our investment for the circuit is also not simple and the surroundings will still be planted with corn but there is still a part of the circuit which is 20 hectares acres which will be permanent because we have obtained
contracts and investment certainty.
People will build hotels, restaurants, etc. more certain that everything will provide certainty,” he is optimistic.

In the eyes of the Samota Sumbawa Besar Rocket Circuit racers, the difficulties were quite high.
This was revealed by Fahran Hendro Fahroji, the only Indonesian crosser at the 2022 MXGP.

“The obstacles are very challenging and in Indonesia there is nothing like this yet, there is no good semi-sand sand like this, there is only harpeg, there is nothing like this in Samota,” he admitted.

In line with Fahran Hendro Fahroji, Italian crosser Martia Daqua from Redbull also conveyed the same thing,

“Yes, the track is good, be
yes the tracks are great, big and a bit weird.
I’ve never tried a track like this but the jumps are high and a lot of fun,” he said at the time.

He admitted that currently there are quite a lot of tickets that have been sold for the MXGP and hopefully the two NTB series will be successful and successful.

Yulia hopes that the government, especially the local regional government, will be able to support and succeed in the sports tourism event which will be attended by international crossers from various countries.

“To the audience, I hope a lot and so does the local government to help support and make the two series successful, hopefully according to plan,” he explained.

Information compiled by the media, the 12th series MXGP Samota Sumbawa in 2022 spent a sizable budget of up to 50 billion rupiah.
And these funds are obtained from sponsors and do not use the state budget or burden the local government budget.
The estimate is around 8.4 billion rupiah, of which will be to pay the MXGP promoters while most of the rest will be for circuit construction and financing for the three-day MXGP event.

Until the news was written, the pass ID for the media had not been obtained.


Ahead of the International Series, the construction of the Lombok Circuit has now reached 85 percent

Lombok’s Selaparang Circuit

In the midst of the various dynamics plus and minus, the event is again preparing to hold an international-class motorbike racing event, this time two places in Bumi Gora will be appointed to hold the 10th and 11th series of motocross MXGP 2023. For the 10th series which will be contested on the 23-25 ​​June, the MXGP will be
held at Samota, Sumbawa Island.
The 11th series will be held on July 1-2 at the Lombok Circuit.

Construction of the Lombok MXGP Circuit which was built at the former Selaparang airport was carried out last week.
A number of truck tools and materials have succeeded in forming racing tracks and obstacles on the circuit which is expected to be completed no later than June 2023.

“We are optimistic that this June will be finished and can be used to organize the 11th series for Lombok and this is not inferior to the one in Sumbawa.
The length of the track is around 1.3 kilometers, if I’m not mistaken, the challenges and obstacles are international standards.
The MXGP is an international standard and I think it’s very good.
So they have the art of making something like that, like Samota. (Nkm)

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